Issue installing drivers for Arduino

1 year 3 weeks ago #28 by johntimber
Issue installing drivers for Arduino was created by johntimber

I am having an issue with installing the drivers for my recently purchased arduino leonardo. My computer, running windows 7, registers the device and I followed the steps to direct the device to the drivers, however it will not install them. I am using the arduino 1.0.1 software, and my computer works with the Arduino Uno. I see peoeple have had issues with the bootloader for this device, however my computer just says its not able to find the device driver software. Is this perhaps the same issue? If so is there a way to fix it or perhaps a different way to access to drivers?

Please help.

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1 year 3 weeks ago - 1 year 3 weeks ago #29 by kokpat
Replied by kokpat on topic Issue installing drivers for Arduino

U said u have experience on installing arduino UNO, so I think u did correct steps.
LEONARDO isn't a new and hi-tech product so your problems may due to following.

1. Cable or USB port - using wrong (charging cable) or cable "too long"
2. Arduino IDE Software - newest version is 1.8.5 ( ) and JAVA runtime
3. Windows - System problem, device manage problem or conflict with other USB devices
4. Arduino LEONARDO - bootloader problem or QC problem (bad luck)

Explanation :

LEONARDO using micro USB connection, make sure u are using correct USB cable (DATA/ OTG) and this cable can not be "too long". Sometimes, maybe u can try different USB port; Stop using USB devices that draw a lot of power (e.g. USB FAN)

Microsoft Windows may have problems especially old version of Windows. Maybe u can download a standalone Arduino IDE (1.8.5) or enter Windows safe mode and try. Some version of Arduino IDE may need the support of JAVA runtime (update). Also, try to uninstall the driver (Windows) before another trial. Also, u can turn off the programs (Boot with Windows) before installing the driver, especially those using USB port. (Phone or Camera transfer tools...) Sure it will be the best if u have a new and clean installed Windows.

I don't know whether u buy the LEONARDO (Official arduino LEONARDO) or similar product (pro micro), but some dealers may forget to burn the bootloader to MCU or the version u did not want to have, this situation mainly occur in UNO (because of 16U2 or CH340) , so I recommend u download update version of Arduino IDE and burn the bootloader (this can be done by using your UNO as ArduinoISP) on your LEONARDO.
<UNO bootloader located at "Arduino 1.8.5_IDE\hardware\arduino\avr\firmwares\atmegaxxu2">

That's my experiences, if it still can not work, maybe your LEONARDO was damaged by static electricity....

Good Luck.
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